Specializing in Civil Appeals

Aitken Law, LLC offers legal representation in all aspects of civil appeals from filing a post-trial motion or consulting on appellate issues in the District Court to handing the appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals to petition for certiorari in the Colorado Supreme Court and back again for remand proceedings with the District Court.

  • Experienced, Prompt, Personalized, Cost-Effective Appellate Law Legal Representation
  • Prosecution and Defense of Civil Appeals (civil case, family law, employment ICAO appeals, D&N appeals, probate)
  • Assisting Trial Counsel with Client’s Appellate Needs Including Co-counseling of Appeals, Post-Trial Motions and Remand Proceedings

Oral Argument

Watch a video of an oral argument by Sharlene Aitken.

Client has granted permission to publish. Case is 17CA1103.

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Specializing in Civil Appeals in the Greater Denver area

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