Thank you

I am thrilled to share my review for Sharlene Aitken of Aitken Law, LLC. Sharlene’s exceptional skills and unwavering support in handling my divorce appeal and providing guidance during the lower court activity were truly remarkable. From our first consultation, Sharlene evaluated my situation to determine if there was really a case. She exhibited a deep understanding of the complexities involved in my case. Her extensive knowledge of family law and years of experience became evident as she navigated through the intricacies of the legal process. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, and her ability to provide clear and concise explanations of the legal proceedings. Sharlene’s strategic approach and tireless efforts during the divorce appeal were instrumental in achieving a winning outcome. Her meticulous preparation, strong legal arguments, and persuasive advocacy skills were truly outstanding. She fought diligently to protect my interests, ensuring that my voice was heard and that justice was served. In addition to her legal expertise, Sharlene showed genuine compassion and support throughout the entire process. She provided a safe space for me to express my concerns during a challenging time, offering guidance and reassurance every step of the way. Her responsiveness and availability were invaluable, and I always felt confident that my case was in the best hands. I cannot express enough gratitude to Sharlene Aitken and Aitken Law, LLC for their exceptional representation and the positive outcome she secured for me. Sharlene’s professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to her clients are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Sharlene Aitken to anyone seeking a compassionate and highly skilled appellate law attorney.

– Richard H.

You are wonderful!

Sharlene did a great job for me and was an outstanding attorney who cares about her clients and provides excellent customer service. Will definitely use her again if the need arises. (Hopefully it doesn’t!!)

– Melanie M.

You are wonderful!

Hi Sharlene,

I just wanted to thank you for your time and sage advice last week. It was amazingly generous of you – and incredibly helpful! I obviously have a lot to learn and I’m so appreciative that you stepped in as a teacher!

Please let me know if I can ever do anything to repay your kindness. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter and glee!

Best wishes,

– Erika H.

A very big and heartfelt thank you!


Please accept this message as my sincere thanks to you for your excellent presentation to the Adams/Broomfield Bar Association Family Law CLE this past Wednesday. You were terrific and to a person the attendees were appreciative of your materials, your presentation, and of the work they all know went into you doing this. I am also very appreciative and certainly agree with the sentiment of the group at large that you were outstanding!

Thank you, again. You helped make Wednesday, December 18, a very special day for the ABBA Family Law Section, and one I’m sure everyone who was present for will remember and utilize for a very long time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. I hope 2020 brings you only the best.

– Russel M.

All the faith I put in you never faltered

I just want to express my gratitude for all the work you and your office put in to resolving my case. All my faith that I had put in to you never faltered. Thank you for all your help.

– Michael C.

I cannot say enough about her professionalism, expertise and compassion

I wanted to post a shout out for Sharlene’s great work on a personal case of mine involving a non-legal business matter. It went through Court of Appeals (twice) successfully and onto the CO Supreme Court where the writ was finally denied. Lauren Burnett of Avon did a great job at the trial level and first appeal and Sharlene picked up the file on round two of this contorted appeal and hit a grand slam both with her brief and her oral argument.

The opinion was not published, but there are some pretty good nuggets in the opinion if anyone is interested. Issue dealt with discovery sanctions.

I cannot say enough about her professionalism, expertise and compassion (I needed a lot of the last trait) and I highly recommend her for your appellate needs.

– Suzanne Hoffman

I wholeheartedly can say without equivocation Ms. Aitken is a dependable choice for one’s appellate case representation.

Ms. Aitken performed extensive work on my recent family law appeal.

She wrote briefs, did extensive case law research, appeared, verbally presented/defended
my family law appellate case in the courtroom of The Colorado Court of Appeal to its completion.

The result was a victory when The Appeals Court ruled to strike the lower court’s misguided, erroneous rulings and return the case to the District Court, with direction, and appropriate future evidenciary hearings.

Without her vigorous legal work, advocacy and appellate case preparation on my behalf, I don’t think
it would have been possible to attain the positive results I did achieve.

Ms. Aitken’s best personal and professional qualities are, first and foremost “to listen,” digest, plan, then strategize to receive maximum results for her clients. She’s a straight shooter and her aim is true. She’s honest and forthright.

I wholeheartedly can say without equivocation Ms. Aitken is a dependable choice for one’s appellate case representation.

– Mark Peterson, father, family law appellate client of Sharlene Aitken

Aitken Law is Excellent

I appreciate all of your expertise and guidance during this process.  You have been excellent.

Exceptionally pleased with the outcome of my case

I am so thankful for Sharlene Aitken’s representation and am exceptionally pleased with the outcome of my case.  Sharlene is very professional, articulate and knowledgeable, but what I found to be most encouraging was her ability to listen and her excellent attention to detail.  She was very compassionate about my situation and always stayed “one step ahead.”   The whole divorce process was very challenging, but it made things much easier knowing and trusting that I had excellent representation on my side.  Thank you, Sharlene!

– Michelle

I have great confidence that you have presented our case effectively

I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help and the great performance.  In addition, your friendship has been very much appreciated. I’m excited for the final written order and I have great confidence that you have presented our case effectively.  Thanks again for everything, I mean it!

– Satisfied Client

Professional and acutely listens

Professional, acutely listens, and even better, can form a strategy that allows all parties the ability to fully comprehend the entanglements that are often not represented in official law documents. These unique and rarely found skills in an individual allows for others an enhanced vision to see the complete picture.  (In my case – a perfect score from the appellate court 3 – 0).

Highest Regards, Todd W. Lowe.

Thank you!


I want to personally thank you for the terrific presentation, and equally terrific materials, that you presented on Friday for the Adams/Broomfield Bar Association. Please accept this as my year-in-advance offer for you to do so again by popular demand in 2021. You really are a wonderful asset to the Family Law community in Colorado and I hope everyone recognizes and appreciates that as much as I do.


– Russel M.

Best Appeal Attorney!

Sharlene Aitken is an extremely precise and detailed oriented Appeals Attorney. I have a very confusing and difficult case, and needed to appeal for a new trial due to things being missed or dismissed in County Court that needed correcting. Sharlene Aitken, explained step by step how an appeal works, and helped me understand the deadlines and also very important legal facts that she caught from the very beginning. Anytime a brief or reply was required, she had it written up right away and took her time to not miss one thing ever. I knew anytime she had a reply in the case, to do, it would done very well and accurate. My case was emotionally draining on me, so she herself had compassion for it and I always felt like she was on my team, rooting me on, as well as legally on top of everything. She kept everyone informed that is involved in this case, and always kept us all up to date. I have full confidence in her and felt very well represented in all details, and protected. I recommend her to anyone seeking a strong Appeals Attorney, she knows these laws impeccably. Thank you Sharlene Aitken for winning our Appeal!

– Kathleen G.

You really made a difference

Great job today and regardless of his order, I’m proud to have retained you.
You really made a difference and I’m confident that we will do well.

– Steven P.

Advocated for our cause and were brilliant in briefs and court appearances

I would like to share my gratitude for your outstanding legal services that you have provided our family. I truly believe that you advocated for our cause and you were brilliant in your briefs and court appearances with legal arguments. You truly backed our position and had an immense knowledge about Colorado Family Law and how to best present our position. In our case the significance of a worst case scenario would have been devastating on our family, emotions were high and you took the time to listen to our worries, lay them to rest and present us with a game plan that would lead to a favorable outcome. Through 2 trips to the Court of Appeals, a trip to the Supreme Court and back to the district court your game plan was methodical, concise and on target every step of the way. I can’t say enough about the level of professionalism, commitment and dedication that you provided us. Over the course of our case you have always been approachable, compassionate, honest and direct. Without Aitken Law, we wouldn’t have had the great outcome we have had. I highly recommend Aitken Law.

Thank you Aitken Law!

I wanted to commend Sharlene Aitken and Aitken Law, LLC for her professionalism and expertise in handling my recent divorce.

Sharlene kept me informed through every step of the process, communicated with me frequently, handled the case efficiently and expertly and, most importantly, took the time to care about my case.

I had spoken with another law firm but after meeting with Sharlene the first time, I knew I had made the right decision and having Aitken Law in my corner helped me through the most difficult time of my life.

Thank you Aitken Law!

She took up a very contorted appeal and did a great job.

I want to give a big shout out to List member and appellate lawyer
Sharlene Aitken. She took up a very contorted appeal and did a great
job. Judgment affirmed!!

Sharlene argued the case last week for the appellee – me – and did a
great job.

Great Oral Argument & Accurate Communications

Sharlene did a great job at oral argument (and on the brief she previously prepared and submitted). It’s been great working with her and I look forward to the decision from the Court of Appeals. Her communications accurately describe the Court’s questions and the issues they will be wrestling with. Because of Sharlene we are able to hope for the best.  We are thankful for her continuing help.

– Mike

Denver Attorney Puts All Effort into Custody Battle

Sharlene you are such an amazing Attorney, I knew from the beginning of our case that you were going to put all your effort into fighting for this custody battle. I now have much more confidence in myself now that we won our appeal case! I just want to thank you for everything you have done this past year and a half for me and my family.

Aitken Law Provides Skillful Representation

I want to thank you again Sharlene for your tremendous effort, skill
and faith in me.  My wife and I are still talking about how well you
presented my case and yourself.  I hope this case puts a feather in
your cap because you pulled off something that I was giving up on.

– Steve

Bold, Courageous, and Super Smart

Sharlene deserves more than a few words. She is bold, courageous and super smart. We did not win my appeal but she was a fighter throughout. If I had it to do over again, I would not change a thing; she fought the good fight.

– Diane C.

So Well Spoken

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job I thought you did yesterday! You are so well spoken. [Client] is lucky to have you!

– A.Weiman, Family Law Trial Attorney .

No lawyer could do any better

When I met Sharlene Aitken and she became my attorney I was in a lot of trouble in a divorce case.  She untangled my mess and appealed a very nasty judgment against me and got the case reversed.  She has an unusual ability to untangle cases in my opinion.  While my case is not over and is on appeal again with her at the helm, I am confident that no lawyer could do any better and my case will get reversed again.  Hopefully, I will see justice.

– Larry

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